Renegade mince pies

Finishing off mincemeat, I made this pastry using spelt and buckwheat flours, and lots of other ingredients not on the recipe! Finished off with “brandy crème fraîche”. Delicious!


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Great new bread technique

I made one of my best ever loaves today, and think a lot was down to a great new technique.

Instead of letting it rise for 1 hour, then prove for 30 mins, I put the dough in the fridge yesterday. It still rose in there (a tip I’d seen on tv). Then I took it out while the oven heated et voila! Easier and more delicious!


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Jam labels

I enjoy doing this and find it turns out best if you’re feeling relaxed and creative. ‘Sticky stuff remover’ is magic at getting old labels off. Then the next magic step is how transformed the jars are with their new labels!


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365 creative days done!

Well I’m giving myself a pat on the back and about to have a glass of sparkling, as I’ve done something creative every day this year!

My creative effort for the day is thinking about what I’ve learned, and making it look good!  I hope you enjoy/ find it useful.

365 v2

I’m going to keep up my good habit, just not daily, as it’s quite a commitment.  But I’d encourage anyone to give it a try!

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Jam today

I needed to make a new batch of raspberry jam – luckily these were frozen in the summer as not much is growing at the moment other than sprouts, and I’m not sure that’d be quite as tasty as a jam!…


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Beach groynes

I felt like drawing in pencil today and these came to mind on the beach nearby.


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I’ve been enjoying this holly round my candle, which looks quite like it’s been painted.


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Fish pie

This fish pie was made using freshly caught cod off the beach, on the way back from a run, and included cod roe for the first time, which tasted great and then looked good too. I’m really pleased with it, not just because it was made largely by memory/invention, but also because I think it looks really attractive in this blue dish.


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Orange almond cake

This may not look like much, but 2 hrs simmering oranges makes the house smell great, and this flourless cake is delicious!


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Seasonal sprouts

Tasty and beautiful?!



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