Packing up the Christmas Box

It’s always a sad moment putting away the Christmas things, but it’s sparked my creativity for today as I’ve cut up our Christmas cards for present labels. I also wanted to do a quick painting of our Poinsettia before we gave it to mum. I tried to do this reasonably quickly as I’m not trying to do a finished painting a day, just something creative every day. So it’s sketch-like, but I’ve got potential to speed up over the year on things like this.



On the subject of finishing up Christmas things, I finished off my mincemeat last night with a final batch of mince pies, courtesy of Munchies coffee shop giving us 2 eggs! The remains of the brandy butter tower can be seen, although sadly i didn’t take this yesterday as I think it may have been my tallest tower to date!



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One Response to Packing up the Christmas Box

  1. Marmotte support says:

    Can’t have brandy butter without a bi-colour tower!

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