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My second go at Illustration Friday. I think it’s going to be a good challenge with some big topics (obviously a US topic suggestion this week – I can only hear “ocean” in an American accent!) It took about 15 … Continue reading

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I very much doubt I’ll be writing much poetry, but Mum has suggested I might like to enter the Simon’s Cat poetry competition Last year I entered their competition for a drawing in the style of Simon’s Cat – no … Continue reading

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I’ve seen some lovely sunrises running and cycling into work this week I thought I’d tinker with the drawing app on the tube, finishing off at home. I’m sure I could improve this but don’t want to spend too long … Continue reading

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Plants & feather

Another inspired by the Snape postcard Original: I’d thought about the rough things I wanted to include (on a post it) and then it took about 15 mins.

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Peacock feather

Another quick experiment drawing with my finger on my phone, inspired by a peacock feather we have in a vase in our flat.

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Going digital

I’ve just found a free programme which lets you draw images and text, a bit like Illustrator, which I haven’t used, called Inkscape. I experimented with a robin seeing as that was pretty fresh in my mind! That got me … Continue reading

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I took a nice photo of a robin and tried to experiment with some different styles – tricky but hope I’ll improve over the year.

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Illustration Friday

I’ve come across this site called Illustration Friday that posts a topic each Friday, so I thought I might try it out. Today’s topic was “Edge” and this took me 5 minutes. It’s currently up on their site! (I missed … Continue reading

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5 minute avocet

I’m not very fast at drawing or painting, so was originally going to give myself 60 seconds to copy the Snape avocet, but extended to 5 mins as I couldn’t find a thick black pen, so had to do more … Continue reading

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Packing up the Christmas Box

It’s always a sad moment putting away the Christmas things, but it’s sparked my creativity for today as I’ve cut up our Christmas cards for present labels. I also wanted to do a quick painting of our Poinsettia before we … Continue reading

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