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Breakfast in France is delicious! Here’s today’s, proudly displayed literally on the back of an envelope! Advertisements

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I find the alpine trees very beautiful, especially against the snow & have tried to paint the 3 main types here (terrible paper on the back of a letter but better than nothing). Then I finished up my paints with … Continue reading

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Defining a style in in 4 steps

Step 1: raid bags for any scraps of paper and find a piece about credit card fraud Step 2: paint a quick painting of a mountain scene Step 3: surround the scene with things that remind me of skiing Step … Continue reading

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Challenging painting

I’ve felt very inspired by the beautiful mountains but stupidly the paper I’ve brought with me actually repels paint! So the first go (on the left) is the view from our apartment of the mountain via some icicles on this … Continue reading

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La vie alpine

I’m finding lots of inspiration in the Alps, so 3 drawings today done at breakfast, lunch & hot chocolate stop respectively! (I did do the wood grain on the last several times but for some reason I can’t save it, … Continue reading

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I’m travelling today so a digital picture on the move. I’ve been watching a great programme on BBC following penguins and think the rockhoppers are fantastic – this is my go at drawing one on my phone:

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Quick flowers (& postcards)

Annoyingly I’m feeling a bit coldy and not like doing much, but I managed a quick sketch of these flowers (crysanths & something like cow parsley – mum can confirm!) Last week I copied a couple of birthday cards as … Continue reading

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Start Point part 2

I finished off Monday’s Start Point painting. I redid the sky to make it closer tone to the sea and added in the detail. It’s always hard knowing when you’re finished, but I think this is done!

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I’m off skiing soon and my thoughts are obviously turning to this as this pattern came to me today. A good use of some colour-testing paper which I’d like to experiment more with.

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Start Point

Last weekend I did a long run around the South Devon section of the South West Coast path. We took a few pictures and I decided to paint this view of Start Point lighthouse. I’m trying to experiment at being … Continue reading

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