Defining a style in in 4 steps

Step 1: raid bags for any scraps of paper and find a piece about credit card fraud
Step 2: paint a quick painting of a mountain scene

20130225-181404.jpgStep 3: surround the scene with things that remind me of skiing

20130225-181643.jpgStep 4: add borders

20130225-203608.jpgThis border idea is one I’ve had for years, starting in my gap year diary, and I’ve done a painting of a cycle trip with associated border (more planned for other trips too). I’ve been thinking as I go this year, what my personal style might be and I think this is a potential. It’s early days, but worth noting as my main idea so far and something to bear in mind as my creative challenge continues…

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One Response to Defining a style in in 4 steps

  1. Maxibon says:

    It is very charismatic, brings more meaning to the picture, I like it!

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