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Face time

I bit the bullet and finished my self-portrait. Although I definitely don’t want to paint portraits, and a career as a police artist doesn’t beckon (they must be amazing – I really noticed how tiny details made a big difference), … Continue reading

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This is the topic for Illustration Friday this week and the image below popped into my head!

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Birthday creations

I usually do a painting on my birthday. This year it’s different in that I’ve been having more practice. I chose to try and copy a painting I liked and took a photo of in a gallery. It’s deceptively simple. … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

It’s good to make myself do things very quickly – I did these 2 on the tube and like the effects.

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Pancake picture

Still thinking about pancakes, and did this quick drawing. I’m pleased in that daily practice is definitely making me more creative, as I’d have found this harder previously.

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Lots of cooking for Shrove Tuesday: Breton pancakes with smoked ham & Mont D’Or (so good I ate them before remembering to take a photo), followed by blueberry pancakes. Yum!

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Most of me

Self-portrait night tonight – need to pluck up the courage to finish off the eyes, nose & mouth now! Rest of the class:

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Distant trees

After yesterday’s long, muddy and hilly run, I went for a short, non-muddy and flat walk which waas lovely.  I always think outlines of trees in the distance are very pretty and decided to have a go.  I’m sure there … Continue reading

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This week’s Illustration Friday topic is storm. We’ve spent today running 29 hilly miles on the South West coast path in Devon and were incredibly lucky with mild weather, no wind & great views. I did this in the car … Continue reading

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I’m behind on a couple of Illustration Friday topics. Last week’s was “wheel”. As I love cycling, I immediately thought of a bike, and I drew this quick picture on a train. My aim was to capture the joy of … Continue reading

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