My art teacher’s daughter has run the marathon so she made sure everyone knew that I and another lady (who ran with the great name of “Granny GoGo” on her shirt) had run it. So what with a demo and chatting about the marathon, there wasn’t a huge amount of time to paint. Lots of people were doing landscapes, but I wanted to do a picture of my favourite magnolia tree which is just emerging into flower, from a photo I took of it on a run last week.

20130422-215847.jpgOur teacher says she often has a couple of paintings on the go at once, so I decided to start one with the flowers and one with the branches and buds.

20130422-215954.jpgI enjoyed this, although I then felt a bit stuck as I didn’t want to mess either of them up! But I got going adding flowers to the branches and want to come back to both this week.


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  1. Marmotte support says:

    I think this teacher is really helping you to improve.

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