Andrew Wyeth

Our art teacher used to paint with Andrew Wyeth. I hadn’t heard of him before tonight, but he’s painted some very striking watercolours (some examples here) She told us his white was always the paper, and we tried a couple out.

I really wanted to paint these reeds, but found them hard even with two attempts. The Wyeth is top left, my two impressions below, and two by our teacher on the right.

20130429-220658.jpgI had more success with his lighthouse (luckily ran out of time to do the fence – the posts are all the white of the paper)



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2 Responses to Andrew Wyeth

  1. Marmotte support says:

    Tricky – did he use masking tape to keep the white bits white?

  2. sarahdoodge says:

    No I think he just used skill amazingly!

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