Art class: cats

In contrast to school when my art teacher banned me from more cats, this current art teacher loves them as a subject! Tonight she suggested an exercise of sketching a cat (or a bird), putting in the background colour, then bringing out the cat (from a photo of her friend’s cat) as follows:



20130513-214800.jpgAs I had a lovely photo of Mogwai, I decided to use the technique on him (Mum may be right I need a new category for him, but the teacher thought he was a great subject!):

20130513-214910.jpgFirst a sketch. Not very good at all, but I thought I’d only warm up with it, so decided to continue, not realising I’d then spend an hour or so on it.

20130513-215009.jpgThen I added some background, not too dark I thought, as Mogwai is fairly dark.

20130513-215121.jpgThen I had fun adding his fur. The teacher doesn’t teach much, but she did demo using a wet brush with no paint on it, so I did that here.

20130513-215241.jpgThen I darkened bits of background against his lighter bits. I’ll add his eye & whiskers when he’s dry.

20130513-215349.jpgThis would be a good one to try again, definitely starting from a better sketch next time!


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One Response to Art class: cats

  1. Marmotte support says:

    Your technique is improving by leaps and bounds

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