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Ice cream and chocolate sauce

A hot day non-stop packing and driving since 5.30 am. Mum made lots of delicious food to sustain us. (This was the easiest course to draw!) Exhausting day, and came near to not drawing anything, but glad I’ve made it … Continue reading

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Colourful birds in a tree

Now in technicolour…

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Birds on a tree

I keep thinking I’d like to include more birds in my art. This particular idea for a simple design popped into my head this week. I decided to start with characterful birds and then add the tree later, which seems … Continue reading

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Wind turbines

A striking subject, and playing with the shapes as patterns.

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I ❤ cappuccino

Picture of a beautiful cappuccino – almost too good to drink!

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A day in the life of my feet

After drawing the boots yesterday, I had the idea of drawing a day’s footwear which looks a bit more fun than it sounds!

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Basic boots

It’s good to have not much time to make myself draw fast. So a basic drawing of my boots.

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Cycle routes 2

Added the land and sea

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Cycle routes

I’ve wanted for a long time to do a map of all the main long routes we’ve cycled. I’ve started the outline freehand on a piece of card I found. (I’m mid moving house so need to do in small … Continue reading

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I’ve enjoyed feeding some chickens recently and thought they’d be a great subject for a sketch.

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