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Finished coastal sketch

Now complete with sea and sky.

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Coastal sketch – rocks

Added the rocks. One of those where it’s hard to know when to stop. Hope I’ve got the balance right.

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Coastal prelim sketch

I thought I’d sketch out the outline of a coastal view in Galicia. Now I’m painting a lot, I’ve found I add the detail with paint, rather than drawing. So I think this will be enough to add to tomorrow.

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A beautiful courtyard in the Parador museum, Santiago.

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Santiago camino sign

We saw this beautiful camino sign about 10 miles out from Santiago. Even though I’m fully aware of the old adage about a bad workman, I’m going to blame my big brush and thin paper for the lack of detail, … Continue reading

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Rock arch

Good progress tonight in that I’m getting bolder – painting in a restaurant; and getting quicker – 5 mins. Being tired and having little time to eat before sleeping helps both these aspects! Tonight’s sketch is a beautiful rock arch … Continue reading

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I’m pleased with how this turned out – I think doing it quickly (~10 mins) with no expectations, helped.

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We’ve seen some really amazing displays of hydrangeas in Asturia, northern Spain along the coast. Really huge and vibrant. I painted these as we were waiting to go into our B&B.

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Bike roundabout

The Europeans are great at decorating their roundabouts. I liked this bike design from Leon today.

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Plane tree

I’ve enjoyed looking at hundreds of plane trees in this trip, which probably helped me paint this in less than 5 minutes at lunch.

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