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Jam labelling (& tasting)

I always make sure I don’t rush this, so it turns out well. It tastes good too!.. Advertisements

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Jam today

I always love making my favourite raspberry jam! (I like this Pizap collage too so you can show several stages in one.)

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Garden design – ideas

I’m quite new to gardening, so tried to plot out a few ideas, mainly given to me by Mum and my friend Mary, whose lovely garden has featured a lot in this blog recently.  Hopefully laying it out like this … Continue reading

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Garden design – start point

Our garden needs a redesign to make it more attractive and fill the space better. I’ve started off by sketching it out as it is now.

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I think this is a new departure with no pre-pencil drawing at all

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Old PO v2- framed

It’s always hard to choose a frame but I’m pleased with this cream mount and walnut effect frame.

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Old PO v2 – finished

Pleased with this second final version.

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Old PO v2

Made a start on “the real thing”. My first sketch really helped. This version going well so far!

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Colourful Old Post Office

I’m pleased with this, and quite wish it had been my “real thing” rather than a test, but I didn’t have the right paper handy. Let’s hope the next version works well too.

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The Old Post Office

I’m celebrating my aunt’s 60th this weekend, and thought it might be fun to do a picture of her house. This is the first sketch.

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