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Defining the acorns

As predicted, these look much better in colour now. Adding shadows really brought them to life too.

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I took a photo of these early autumn acorns yesterday before my run. I’ve drawn them straight in pen here to challenge me to get the lines right straight away. It’s hard to distinguish what’s where though, so I’ll definitely … Continue reading

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Hot chocolate

I had one of my favourite hot chocolates today (from Richmond Park, London). It looks great too so I tried to represent it.

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It’s very therapeutic kneading dough – 10 minutes to help make this spelt pizza taste delicious!

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Butterfly design

Inspired from my butterfly paintings this week.

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Back to butterflies

I thought I’d try painting a few more butterflies.

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I took this page with butterflies on out of a magazine today. They look nice with pen and without, so I’ve done one of each.

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I got sent an unexpected present through Amazon and thought the gift wrapping looked very good, and so decided to paint it.

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Anniversary card

I enjoyed finishing this off with colour today. Hope they like it!

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Anniversary card outline

I started my outline for an anniversary card. I didn’t want to rush trying to finish it, so will do that properly tomorrow.

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