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Robin Hood half marathon design

I designed the layout for a painting to celebrate a half marathon. I tried with and without a tree and my commissioner has requested with. Advertisements

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Stencilling strategy

More stencil experiments, this time noting which masking fluid was which. I also experimented with sponging the fluid on. Overall it still looks arty, rather than sharp. So I decided to try out using white paint on top of colour, … Continue reading

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I’m experimenting to see if I can use the masking fluid through a stencil and then paint over it, so the stencilled area remains white.I think it probably won’t work brilliantly as it’s too runny. I’ve also got a really … Continue reading

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Cake picture

The other side of the picture (destined for another double-sided frame, together with yesterday’s picture). I found it easier having tried out design and colours last week.

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New technique in use

This is half of the “final version” the painting for a work colleague I sketched out the other day. It’s now much improved with my new colours and masking fluid.

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Joey & Leo get framed

I’m really pleased with how they look in this double-sided frame. That’s enough creativity for today as I have to drop this present off, then move house!

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New technique

I’m quite excited that I’ve just bought and tried out some masking fluid. I won’t neglect my years of good watercolour technique in leaving white space, but I think this will be really useful for small fiddly bits like on … Continue reading

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As our friends have 2 dogs, and I’ve got a 2-sided frame in mind, I had to paint Leo too.

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Joey in colour

Combining my experiments from the last 2 days, I painted Joey. Hopefully he will be a good present for his owners.

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Creative colour

So a very exciting day, trying out new colours, palette and brush. I haven’t used tubes before, and lots of them opened like I’d taken them up in a plane, so it got pretty messy, but I decided that added … Continue reading

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