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Date, banana and honey. Very tasty at any time of day!

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Flock of birds

I saw a large flock of birds today and wanted to try and capture it simply.

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I’m getting my things ready tonight for a long run tomorrow, and felt inspired to draw a rucksack and practice with the “Paint” programme on my laptop

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Cat and mole

I was amused to see this cat watching a mole in the garden this afternoon. It seemed perfectly happy just to watch, no attempt to attack or interact!

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Elegant welly

I’ve added the pattern to my welly – enough to brighten any winter’s day! I’ve also given it some mud to step in!

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I bought some wellies today. They’re quite elegant and I’ll paint the design tomorrow. But even sketching the outline tonight, made me think how it’s a simple object but with some elegant lines.

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Slouching seagulls

I think seagulls make great subjects. I tried sketching this one a second time as I hadn’t quite captured his hunch/ slouch the first time round.

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Pencil cat

I enjoyed just sketching in pencil and getting messy and smudgy. Mogwai always makes a great subject (today on some clean washing!)

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Pink carnations

I wanted to experiment capturing these in different techniques. I like the ones where I drew pen first.

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Red wine

It’s pretty cold at the moment, so glasses of red wine have been going down well!  It’s one of those beautiful, but hard to capture, subjects, so I thought I’d practice.

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