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We’ve just got out this lovely decoration, known as Reginald! He’d be lovely to sew, but I’ve done a portrait of him tonight.

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I decided to make a second Christmas sampler, as I think it’s a lovely idea and is fun to do in between Christmas packing and wrapping!

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Kaleidoscope bug

I drew this on a friend’s iPad app. It mainly made symmetrical patterns, but I managed to make this bug-like picture too.

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Christmas sampler

I went for an animal-focused theme for my Christmas sampler on my advent calendar

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I’m going through a digital phase and loving the effects you can get by using technology and a screen (although I wont relinquish pen and paper!)

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I thought I was going to paint this and ended up drawing digitally on my phone from memory. Interesting I got the colours the wrong way round!

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Quick label

I had a couple of minutes and made this label design as it would be nice to be able to print my own.

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Abstract Autumn

A day on the road meant I got to admire lots of autumn colours. I don’t do many patterns/abstracts, so this seemed a good opportunity for some abstract autumn inspiration.

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Pain au raisin

You’ll have noticed a common theme in this blog that I enjoy cooking, eating and finding art in food. I ate a particularly tasty pain au raisin today which inspired this picture.

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Chocolate cupcake

I was given a chocolate cupcake today and thought it would be a good subject for a striking simple image (the memory of it that is, I ate it first!)

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