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Seasonal sprouts

Tasty and beautiful?! Advertisements

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The Tree & the Holly

We chose, felled and decorated our tree today. Surprisingly difficult to capture on paper! We also made some arrangements with beautiful holly from Max’s parents’ garden in Devon. Prickly but worth it! (Spot the sprouts in the background!…)

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Festive Poinsettia

Looking more festive now

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Outline Poinsettia

Lots of these around at the moment. Colour tomorrow will make it.

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Creative lighting

I was in house designing mode today, and in talking about lighting, I’ve come up with this idea I think I should patent. I’m now in a country house, so I’m thinking a tool like a hoe as the central … Continue reading

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House design

We’ve spent most of the day on the fun project of trying to work out how to redesign our new house. For some areas it helped to try and draw what they’d look like. (Good reminder on perspective which I … Continue reading

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Slouching seagulls

I think seagulls make great subjects. I tried sketching this one a second time as I hadn’t quite captured his hunch/ slouch the first time round.

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Pink carnations

I wanted to experiment capturing these in different techniques. I like the ones where I drew pen first.

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Tree sketch

I’ve been in Devon and admiring some striking tree shapes. Only a blue pen handy, so can’t add any beautiful autumn leaves!

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Brighter berries

I added colour to my outline berries drawn in the dark a couple of days ago. It’s a good reminder of how important colour is, as it’s totally transformed the picture.

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