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Beach groynes

I felt like drawing in pencil today and these came to mind on the beach nearby.

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Seasonal sprouts

Tasty and beautiful?!

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House design

We’ve spent most of the day on the fun project of trying to work out how to redesign our new house. For some areas it helped to try and draw what they’d look like. (Good reminder on perspective which I … Continue reading

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I bought some wellies today. They’re quite elegant and I’ll paint the design tomorrow. But even sketching the outline tonight, made me think how it’s a simple object but with some elegant lines.

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Pencil cat

I enjoyed just sketching in pencil and getting messy and smudgy. Mogwai always makes a great subject (today on some clean washing!)

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5 minute pheasant

Very exciting that a pheasant popped his head up to the window of our new house today (as well as seeing lots on our run). I gave myself 5 minutes to draw and paint him, which creates a different effect … Continue reading

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Christmas card design

I designed a Christmas card for the logo of this seagull (whose name is Morris!) This is the draft sketch of my vision of him wearing a Christmas jumper.

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Robin Hood half marathon design

I designed the layout for a painting to celebrate a half marathon. I tried with and without a tree and my commissioner has requested with.

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As our friends have 2 dogs, and I’ve got a 2-sided frame in mind, I had to paint Leo too.

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Joey in colour

Combining my experiments from the last 2 days, I painted Joey. Hopefully he will be a good present for his owners.

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